Photo courtesy of Adrian Brannan.……

Dear Cowgirl,


Start with $5. 

Put it aside. 

In a savings account, and do not touch it.

Then, add another $5.


You have $10 now. If you do not touch it, and you continue to add, soon you will have $50. Then $100. Then $500.

It doesn’t take too long to reach $1000. 

Do not touch it. 


And then one day, when you know the time is right – take that $1000 and buy the ticket. Or fill up your truck with gas. Put on your favorite outfit, and smile a few times at yourself in a mirror. Turn on the song, you know the one that lifts you up and makes you feel like you’re soaring above the mountains? Like you’re weightless? Yeah thats the one. Turn it on.


And leave.

And use up every single bit of $1000 on that trip.

And learn something about yourself. 

About those around you, and about the world.

Learn, and breathe and experience.

Take pictures, take none.

Meet people and take chances and try new foods and wear fun clothes you wouldn’t usually wear and smile and cry and run like a kid again. 

Experience the experience fully, and keep chasing it until you feel alive again.


And go home when you must, and then…

Start with $5. 

Put it aside… 


Write a life full of joy and adventure and experiences that rival the novels you used to have time to read.

Go find yourself somewhere, anywhere. Everywhere. 

Dear Cowgirl, just go. I promise it is worth it.