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What is your why?

Why do you get up in the morning?

What makes you TRY every day?

When you want to give up, what makes you persevere?

Even when you want to give up. 

I remember when I decided to change my life. 

It wasn’t the night someone hit me in the face with a phonebook as hard as they could. 

It wasn’t when I thought I wouldn’t get out of a horrific situation alive.

It wasn’t when I thought it might just be easier to give up.

It was years later when I sat talking to my sister after she saved my life, and we were discussing our futures. I realized that day, I couldn’t let the daughters I desperately wanted to have one day feel that same terror. I couldn’t let the fear continue, it had to end.

I realized, that some things have to stop with you.

With me.

With her.

With him.

With them.

That is my reason Dear Cowgirl.

Everyday I wake up, I decide it is going to be the BEST day ever, because I know what it is like to think it is your worst. 

I decide to keep pushing, because the pain stops with me.

I decide to keep fighting, because the joy also starts with me.

Dear Cowgirl, please don’t give up. 

The “good old days” aren’t coming, they are here. 

And you are so worth fighting for.

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