Dear Cowgirl,

Why not you?

I know I know, there’s sooo many podcasts out there. There are sooo many singer/songwriters. There are sooo many yoga teachers, nurses and cowboys. 

Isn’t that beautiful?

That so many incredible people are so amazing at so many things?! & guess what? 

You are one of those people. 

By saying there isn’t room in the world for you and ignoring your God-given gift…whatever that is….you are denying people in desperate need of EXACTLY what you could provide. 

In desperate need of you. 

Dear Cowgirl, I know it feels like there couldn’t possibly be room at the table for you, but I promise if you walk up – jerk that chair back and introduce yourself to the table – someone will be thankful that you showed up. 

Because you will have exactly the gift they were missing. You will be exactly what that table needed to be perfectly balanced.

Step up. Speak up. Show up.

You’re needed. 

You’re wanted.

You’re unstoppable.