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Dear Cowgirl,

This is a reminder that all women have love handles.

We all have a secret pair of jeans in the back of the closet that we keep “just for when” we loose that extra weight.


All women have bad breath in the morning, messy hair and left over mascara on their cheeks when they wake up.

All girls when working with an all male cowboy crew have to find a hill or tree to hide behind to pee. Yep I said it. everyone does it. You don’t have to feel like less of a hand because of it.

All women wonder before they pull out the sleeveless shirts in the springtime for branding. Arm flab happens, loose skin happens.

All women “tuck” their tummy in when they settle horseback.

All women have stretch marks, moles and wrinkles. Scars and quirks and little things that make each one unique.


We have bodies, they change and alter and grow. They are damn beautiful. No airbrushed magazine cover, no beautified celebrity and no “perfect” Instagram model can be the ideal standard of what we, as cowgirls should attain to.

If our bodies exist dear cowgirl – they are beautiful.




If your legs do not work and they sit in a wheelchair – they are beautiful.

If they are whiter than snow because they are always covered in jeans – they are beautiful.

If they are tanned, strong and hold you while you run miles and miles – they are beautiful.


No matter what you “are” it is beautiful.

This doesn’t mean that health and wellness are not important – rather a reminder to always look in the mirror and to LOVE every inch of what you see.


You are perfect Dear Cowgirl, you are real.

You are beautiful, in case no one has told you yet today.