one life cowgirl magazine

Dear Cowgirl,

  1. More traveling the world, less Target runs.
  2. Rock the solo excursion to places you love. You don’t have to travel in a pack.
  3. Wear the ridiculous bright outfit you’ve been dying to put on for months, but haven’t had the guts to rock yet.
  4. More dummy-roping-dates.
  5. Less screen time and more family time.
  6. Say “no” to things that don’t make you happy. You have one life. Don’t spend it with people you don’t like doing things you hate.
  7. Tell the people in your life you appreciate them. Tell then you see their hard work and drive, that they’re “try” isn’t going unnoticed. 
  8. Drink more water. 
  9. Love on your canine companion for 5 minutes straight and watch their day turn around.
  10. Remember, you were put here for a reason. Don’t let that reason go unfulfilled.