Dear cowgirl you matter too
Photo by Ceily Rae Highberger.……

Dear cowgirl,

Just because you don’t know what the other people know doesn’t mean you don’t belong there.

You belong, whether you’re a beginner.

A seasoned vet or a intermediate-semi-comfortable semi-freaked out participator.  


Just because some folks talk louder, push harder or try to take over doesn’t mean that you aren’t capable.

Just because you don’t have the degree yet doesn’t mean your opinion doesn’t matter.

Just because you’re a girl doesn’t mean you aren’t important on the crew.


Everyone has been the “new girl” or guy at some point. Had to pay their dues, do the icky jobs no one wants. Take orders, run faster, move quicker, and work harder.

Remember it’s worth it.

Don’t be intimidated, even if you have to prove yourself – you still belong there.

Work hard, go above and beyond and don’t get pushed around.

You can be a lady and still assert yourself.


Dear Cowgirl, you matter too.