Photo by Ceily Rae Highberger. ……

Dear Cowgirl,


You’re only a pre-teen, a teenager. A young girl.

Please, please do not let others bring you down.


You are at a point in your life when everything in this world can feel like it’s out to get you, like it’s all crashing down.


You are at a point when it seems like friends will turn on you, and maybe you will get your heart hurt.


I promise that it passes.

I promise that it will get better, I promise that the people that sometimes feel like they hurt you the most – will not even be there in a few years.

I promise that the things you feel your parents are doing just to ” be out to get you” will make sense later on.

I promise that people’s opinions start to matter less and less, and that one day you will realize that YOU matter – and they cannot change who you are.

I promise that being bullied isn’t okay no matter what age, and that by standing up and telling someone is not only brave – but an act of self love that your future self will thank you for.

I promise that showing more of yourself doesn’t equal worth. You are perfect in a turtleneck or a bikini.

Do not feel the need to take it all off to be worth something.


Dear Cowgirl, you are so beautiful and brave. You have so much life to live, you have so many adventures to live – you’ve got this.


Be you, you are growing into such a beautiful young woman – inside and out.