Left photo courtesy of @GBarGDesigns on Instagram. Right photo courtesy of @WanderlustSkulls on Inst…

Since the NFR is over, the holidays are right around the corner. Now the rush begins for us last-minute shoppers and decorators! Check out these ornaments to help westernize your Christmas tree.

It’s hard to get more western than a longhorn!

Dreamin’ of a desert Christmas with these cacti ornaments.

Cowhide makes everything better, and that’s a fact!

Cacti and copper, how cute!

These natural wood ornaments would add a rustic touch to your tree.

Add some glitter to your tree with these skull and feather ornaments!

Horses “dashing through the snow”

More cows? Absolutely! I think we can all agree that anything cow-related is never a bad idea.

If you’re already done decorating this season, consider wrapping these up for a gift exchange! Have you been a holiday procrastinator? Here are some gift ideas!