della frederickson cowgirl magazine
Courtesy of Della Fredericton……

The talented Della Frederickson has quite the story!

“So how did a Florida gal end up in Wyoming? Born and raised in South Florida, I was fortunate enough to have the Atlantic Ocean in my backyard. My first photography interest was sparked by a GoPro, filming after school adventures like snorkeling and surfing. Gosh, I must have created a new video every week!

“Fast forward about 6 years and I’m walking across the stage at Auburn University with a degree in digital marketing.  Following graduation, it seemed logical to move to the big city and find a big kid job, but my heart spoke loud and clear and led me west to Wyoming.  In May of 2017, Jackson, Wyoming became home. I worked as a wrangler on a guest ranch in the heart of the Grand Teton National Park. When you’re guiding horseback rides through these landscapes, it’s almost impossible to not smile constantly. One summer in the shadows of the Tetons was all I needed to realize that my passion lies with ranching, horses and capturing these moments.

“After extending my stay on the ranch for two years (who wouldn’t?), I moved into the town of Jackson, determined to create a sustainable life in the West. Just like any other young photographer with big dreams, I began saying “yes” to any and all photography gigs in an effort to build my portfolio and get my name out into the community.   

“These days, you can find me in the saddle on a ranch helping out with their daily routines while capturing the essence of a ranching lifestyle. I am not just an observer who comes to photograph a ranch. I make an effort to meet each and every person and four legged animal that makes the ranch function. Whether it’s a snowy cattle drive, a mud filled corral of cattle on branding day or a simple horseback ride, I am always along for the journey and capturing these moments along the way. My photography is a visual diary of the western beauty happening right before my eyes.” –Della Frederickson