Left photo courtesy of @__morgannicole. Middle photo courtesy of @westdesperado. Right photo courtes…

A former trend has been refreshed. It has swept the rodeo stands, trade shows, and the western fashion world. That is the Canadian tuxedo, a look worn by denim Dan himself, the classic denim on denim… however, you know it by!

Our favorite cowgirls have been wearing it! With their inspiration, we will be able to wear denim for days!

Kait Davis, the wife of PBR Cowboy, Cooper Davis, embodies Dolly Parton with her denim look. She revitalizes the denim with feathers on her cuff and pants to add a chic twist. Of course, the higher the hair, the closer to Heaven!

The queen of western fashion herself, Shaley Ham (@westdesperado), added to the trend, not once, but twice! She rocked a denim romper with added fringe around the waist, which she called a “chap skirt.”

For her second look, she rocked a similar jumpsuit. She paired this one with a simpler belt but added jewelry that spoke for itself and a wild rag. A timeless look!

Megan Ery (@buzzardcreekmomma) used her denim moment to let her turquoise cowboy hat do all the talking. She paired it with matching wedge heels and a wristlet.

Kayla Bell (@kx_diamond) customized a denim button-down for her look. She kept it simple, but personal to herself. This shirt now has an all-new meaning!

Another queen in the western fashion world, Kens (@westerngringa), stayed true to the Canadian Tuxedo. She paired Wrangler jeans, and a denim button-down, with a denim jacket to top it off. You couldn’t add more denim if you wanted!

You can’t go wrong with pairing denim and fringe! Morgan Nicole combined denim and fringe for her take on the trend with the cutest romper! She even wore boots to match!

Join the trend yourself with a sticker denim jacket!