Prickly Pear Pima Dress, $88

When it comes to the desert, the fashion it inspires is ten times as appealing as the actuality of the dry heat in the air and sand in your britches. You don’t have to suffer the reality of a desert to look amazing.

Desert fashion doesn’t have to be as literal as a cactus printed skirt (although we found one and we LOVE it). Just hunt down breezy fabrics and native prints to get that desert goddess look. Let’s be honest. Don’t we all want to look like a goddess every now and then? Well, we’ve got a leg up on some sweet desert chic styles for you to get started. All we are missing now is two good-looking cowboys to fan us while we drink our margaritas. If you know a few, send em our way. 😉


Desert Etched Kimono, $98


Cactus Skirt, $68


Acid Rose Wilson Mini Dress, $188


Bandit Thunderbird Tee, $44


Pheonix Pants, $56


Novella Royale Gold Dahlia Janis Bells, $138


Boho Sage Blossom Maxi Kimono, $260


Coyote Backless Shift Dress, $139


Minnetonka Merida Sandal, $66