desert rose stirrup stirrups fire floral lipstick and roses rose red turquoise turquoise dream catcher mermaid escape warrior
Pictured left: Kylar Stirrups. Pictured right: Eliza Stirrups.

These Stirrups by Desert Rose Equine are too cute! Each one has its own theme and flair to fit your individual personality. From florals, to animal print, aztec, and some wilder mashups of different prints, there’s something for absolutely everyone.

The dimensions come in at: Tread 2″ deep x 5 1/8″ wide, inside height measurement 5 1/2″, outside height measures 6 1/2″. They even have a textured rubber insert and come with a one year warranty!

Fire – $80,

Floral – from $85,

Lipstick & Roses – $80,

Red/Turquoise Dream Catcher – $68,

Sea Green Mermaid – $80,

Escape – $80,

Warrior – $80,

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