Eric Carroll and Richard Turner of Desert Steel capture the majesty and mystery of the unique plant life of the Southwest through steel sculpture. The collection features beautiful flowers, different cacti, and even incorporates flame and light. There are a wide range of pieces including large Saguaro torches, flowers with lighting within, wall-ready wreaths, and romantic mantel pieces. These unique works of art are sure to be a conversation piece in the home and make wonderful gifts.

The Desert Steel Story 

Eric Carroll attended the Wichita State University School of Art where he developed a love for sculpture. He began by building custom work for businesses across the country. On a trip to Arizona he discovered the beauty of the Saguaro and returned to Kansas with a passion that hasn’t died since. Eric loves the challenge of replicating the natural majesty of desert plants with steel. Richard Turner spent most of his career as a successful businessman, but welded for a hobby and creative outlet. When Eric married his daughter, Angie, Richard found someone with which to share his passion for sculpture. The two worked together to master Eric’s dream of replicating the Saguaro. In late 2003 they travelled to their first show where they were met with an overwhelming response. Ever since they’ve been attending shows and challenging themselves to recreate more of nature’s most treasured icons. We like to think that Eric’s dream came true.


Below is their collection: “5 Perfect Southwest Gifts“. Click the image to shop!

1. Saguaro Torch

2. Prickly Pear Wreath

3. Sharkskin Agave

4. Prickly Pear Mantel Piece

5. Golden Barrel Cactus Torch

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