alexis bloomer's dream closet cowgirl magazine
Photo by Ken Amorosano.……

When COWGIRL met with Alexis Bloomer at her Salado, Texas, home, they found out some interesting facts about the media mogul! From her home to her style, there are plenty of things you didn’t know about Alexis.

She has a jacket signed by everyone she interviewed at the CMAs.

Psst…If you look closely, you can spot the signature of former cover cowgirls, Maddie & Tae! Do you recognize any others?

She has multiple closets.

“That was one of the promises he made when we started dating—to get me a bigger closet.”

Her house used to be a bachelor pad.

“The walls were yellow and the ceiling was gray,” she said. “We had to paint it top to bottom.”

She loves popping her collars.

Photo by Ken Amorosano.

“My mom always says, ‘Why are you popping your collar?’ ”Cause I feel cool!'”

The journalist even popped her collar for her COWGIRL cover shoot.

She’s never missed an NFR.

Alexis Bloomer attended her first Wrangler NFR when she was just three months old—in a crib. Her mother notes that the slamming gates and fanfare made her accustomed to loud noises as a child.

Her house has a wine cellar.

“We’re wine people in this house.”

How many of these things didn’t you know about Alexis?

Alexis Bloomer is a rodeo journalist, the founder of Breaking Records Media, and COWGIRL‘s September/October 2020 cover.