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The Andalusian and Lusitano are often grouped together by equestrians. They have many things in common, but are two distinct breeds. Each with a unique history, country of origin, and physical characteristics. Both make exceptional horses though! If you get the chance to ride one, don’t miss the opportunity.

Andalusian VS Lusitano

  1. In 1966, the Portuguese and Spanish stud books were split. Thus, the Andalusian and Lusitano were identified as two separate breeds. The Lusitano is primarily bred in Portugal and Brazil, while the Andalusian in Spain. You can find them across the world though.
  2. Often, the Lusitano possesses more muscular hindquarters and a stronger built. This was necessary in bullfighting, which they were traditionally used for.
  3. The Andalusian usually has a straighter profile and is a bit more refined. They also tend to have more action in their trot.
  4. The Andalusian is commonly gray, though they come in other solid colors. The Lusitano is frequently seen in gray, bay, black, chestnut, palomino, and perlino.
  5. Lusitanos are being used more and more in ranch work and western disciplines. Both can be seen in dressage and driving classes.

It’s hard to find many differences with the two breeds. They have a lot more similarities!