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Mules are the result of a female horse and male donkey being bred. Because they’re half horse, this equine hybrid has many of their characteristics. The donkey side of them can cause a few differences though! Many riders choose mules because they have the best of both worlds.

How Mules Differ

  1. Mules are sterile. They only have 63 chromosomes, which makes them unable to reproduce.
  2. Their appearance is different. They’re often shorter, though have a stocky build. Their heads are thick and short with long ears.
  3. Despite their size, these equines are skilled pack animals. They can carry heavy loads for long periods of time. Their steady movement allows them to travel on uneven and narrow terrain easily.
  4. They’re known for their even and calm dispositions. Horses tend to vary in their temperaments much more!
  5. These hybrids are very easy keepers just like donkeys!

Mules, much like horses, vary in size, color, temperament, and trainability. Consider these facts more like generalizations. What has been your experience with them?