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Do you like spotted horses? Then get ready to be amazed by the beautiful Appaloosa! On top of being athletic and very versatile, this breed is known for their loud coloring. It’s hard to find two that look exactly the same. Their spots come in all sorts of colors and shapes.

Different Appaloosa Patterns

The Appaloosa Horse Club recognizes a few different coat patterns, though there are many variations in-between. These include blanket, spots, blanket with spots, roan, roan blanket, roan blanket with spots, and a solid horse. On top of these, many Appaloosas often have mottled or parti-colored skin, white sclera, and striped hooves.

The colors can vary quite a bit from bay and black to cremello, grulla, and palomino.

Check out some of these beautiful coat patterns…

How gorgeous! There’s no denying that this breed easily stands out from the crowd.