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Apple season is here! Through the months of September and November, you’ll find a huge variety of tasty apples. Your horse is probably drooling at the mouth just thinking about it. There are dozens of apple varieties from Honeycrisp to Red Delicious. Each has a unique flavor!

Horses & Apples

Fortunately, your horse can safely eat all colors and varieties of apples! You can go apple picking and choose your favorites without worry. Your horse will happily take the bruised ones that don’t make it into your pies.

  1. Granny Smith: Light green in color, this type is crispy and slightly tart.
  2. Pink lady: This red variety is tart at first, but has a sweet finish.
  3. Honeycrisp: Red with undertones of green and yellow, this one is a balance of sweet, tart, and juicy.
  4. Fuji: This red apple has a mild flavor, which makes it perfect to cook with.
  5. Gala: Light red in color, Galas offer a mildly sweet and crisp flavor.
  6. Red Delicious: This top-heavy fruit has a very mild flavor.
  7. McIntosh: A nice balance of sweet and tart, McIntosh apples are tasty in their raw form.
  8. Empire: The dark red skin of this one is thick. It tastes both sweet and tart!
  9. Opal: With a yellowish color, this type is sweet and tangy.
  10. Mutsu: A yummy honey-like flavor makes this green apple a special treat.

There are plenty more varieties available! These are some of the more common ones though. Your horse is likely to enjoy all of them, but feel free to mix and match to find their favorite. You’ll probably have your own preferences too!