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Arabian horses are one of the most popular breeds in the world. Their striking beauty is only one of their desirable traits. They’re also incredibly versatile, competing in all sorts of disciplines from English to western. There are entire show circuits dedicated to purebreds and half-breds.

The Versatility of Arabians

1. Dressage: Known as sport horses, many Arabians excel in dressage and other English disciplines. The Arabian Sport Horse Alliance promotes the breed in dressage, eventing, hunters, jumpers, combined driving, and driven dressage.

2. Endurance: Thanks to their stamina, hardiness, and resistance, this breed is frequently used in the endurance world. They actually dominate the sport!

3. Western Pleasure: Some riders choose to enter their horses into western pleasure classes. These horses have their own Arabian judges. They carry themselves different than your typical Quarter Horse. This breed also competes in other western disciplines like ranch riding, reining, and trail obstacles.

4. Saddle Seat: Many compete in a saddle seat division. These horses are classy and elegant, which comes naturally to this breed.

5. Racing: You may not realize it, but Arabians can be race horses. There is actually an Arabian Jockey Club. The fastest recorded time for one is 65 MPH.

How incredible are they?!? There are so many reasons to love this breed.