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A simple shelter in your horse’s field can be so handy! Your animals can use it to escape the sun, wind, rain, and even bugs. Unfortunately, building a new run in can cost a lot of money. Here’s your solution- a horse shelter made from round pen panels, cattle panels, and a tarp! It’s affordable and easy to make.

DIY Horse Shelter

Courtesy of: @reesiemcpieces on Instagram
@reesiemcpieces on Instagram

Basic Supplies:

  • 4 t-posts 
  • 3 corral panels
  • 3 cattle panels 
  • 1 large heavy duty tarp
  • Zip ties


  1. Connect the corral panels, and then support them with t-posts driven in at each corner.
  2. Add your cattle panels to the sides and overlap them. Use plenty of zip ties!
  3. Put the tarp overtop and secure it with more zip ties.

Optional: Add limestone or screenings to decrease mud.

It’s functional and budget friendly. What’s not to love!