DIY Horse Stalls

There’s no need to hire outside help when you can easily make your own horse stalls. By building your own stalls you can save big on money. Pull out the hammer and be ready for some hard work. It’ll be worth it in the end!

PC: Pinterest.

This arrangement incorporates wood and metal. The dividers allow neighboring horses to easily see each other. This can be a huge comfort for some! They’re also on the shorter side, so taller horses can reach over.

PC: Pinterest.

These stall fronts look very professional! They may take a little more skill than your average wood board stall, but the end result is beautiful. What horse wouldn’t love these living quarters?

PC: Mulligans Run Farm.

These stalls are for miniature horses, but could be made larger. The barn is actually a carport! This DIY project will give you the best of both worlds.

PC: Pinterest.

Another great example of traditional wood stalls. The horses can still look out, but can’t get to each other through the dividers. Sometimes this is the best option!

Did you build your own horse stalls? What kind of advice would you give someone who’s in the planning process?