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Photo by: The Parchment Leather……

There’s something special about creating your own Christmas ornaments. Equestrians will love this rocking horse one! You can personalize the leather to match your own horse’s color. This video tutorial will get you started on this fun project. If you like working with leather, then don’t miss this DIY ornament.

Rocking Horse Ornament

First, you’ll need some supplies and tools! Most can be acquired at your local craft store or online.

  •  2-3oz leather and 5-6oz leather
  • Waxed thread
  • Glue
  • Monk rivet with ring
  • Normal cutter or rotatory cutter
  • Two leather use needles
  • Hammer
  • Pricking iron or chisel

You’ll also need to purchase the pattern at The Parchment Leather on Etsy. This PDF can be printed right from your computer.

Watch the tutorial to see how it’s made!

How cute will this rocking horse ornament look on your tree! If you get good at making them, they can even be a great gift.