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Many horse owners choose to feed round bales, especially in the winter. They last longer than square bales and keep your horse busy. In order to prevent hay waste, it’s a good idea to use a hay feeder or hut. They can be expensive to buy, so consider making your own out of recycled wood. Let these hay feeders serve as inspiration!

Homemade Round Bale Hay Huts

Flip through the pictures to see how this project came together. The horses wouldn’t be able to step on the hay and the roof protects it from rain. That’s a double win!

This one is a similar design except it was built on a moveable metal frame. Now, it can be relocated to new spots to prevent too much mud in one area.

Here’s a simple one! This feeder won’t take much to build and will definitely help prevent waste. The hay net also helps!

Similar to the one above, this option created by @cedarbrookstables is also a simple square box. They used netting around the sides, instead of welded wire.

Get creative and have some fun building this project! It’s a good idea to start with a sketch and measurements.