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Photo by: LoneStarWoman on YouTube……

Your horse is likely shedding out their winter coat right about now. This usually makes them very itchy. A scratching post is like gold this time of year. You’ll see them rubbing on anything and everything to satisfy those itches. This DIY scratching post will come to your horse’s rescue!


  • Extra broom heads (you can find used ones at yard sales)
  • 2″ to 3″ screws


Attach the broom head to a tree, their stall, or any post with the screws. You may have to adjust and tighten them every once in a while.

It’s as simple as that! This little hack will definitely be well received by your horses.

Check out the ones that Lone Star Woman hung up…

DIY barn hacks are a fun way to reuse old materials and create something new and useful. Do you have any tips worth sharing?