Hair, hair, hair, everywhere! You know the feeling when you run your hand over your horse’s body just to end up with loose hair all over the place. It sticks to your clothing and gets in your face. Shedding season isn’t the easiest, but it also doesn’t have to be the hardest. There are a ton of different products on the market that make the hairiest season of the year more bearable. If you’re really creative, you can do a little DIY magic and make your own shedding brush!

Sleekez Horse Grooming Tool, $19.95; Sleekez

Try this grooming tool if you’re not the DIY type. It helps loosen hair from the body, so it can easily be brushed away.

If you’re interested in trying to make your own shedding brush, watch the video below for a simple tutorial. It only costs about $3.00 for the materials.

Spring can be enjoyable at the barn, but you need the right grooming equipment!