slow feeder cowgirl magazine

Barn owners know all too well how wasteful horses can be with their hay. A slow feeder hay box will forever change your life. Not only do they cut down on waste, but they can slow down your quick eater and extend the hay. It’s a win win for everyone involved!

Before you go out and buy one, try making one of these DIY hay boxes!

Find some pallet wood to create this clever project.

Photo by: The Dancing Donkey

Depending on your abilities, this hay box can be made. They’re also for sale for those that are short on time or skill.

Photo by: Slow Grazer

This one is simple enough! They found an easy way to tie down the metal grate.

Photo by: Bokt

Here’s one with circular holes! It’s based on the same idea as the others.

This project is super simple, but requires a hay net.

There are a ton of DIY slow feeder projects! Which one has worked for you?