Slow Feeders

You can’t deny it, horses like to waste hay and overeat. Slow feeders are able to stop both of those bad habits. While it’s a good idea to provide hay 24/7, your horse doesn’t need to gobble it down like their life depends on it. These DIY feeders will keep hay off the ground and make your horse work for their meal a little harder. They’re simple and easy to build!

PC: The Chronicle of the Horse.

Similar to the first slow feeder, this handy box doesn’t look too hard to build. The door opens and closes so you can easily put more hay in as needed.

PC: Stampy and the Brain.

You don’t need any building experience to make this slow feeder!

PC: Horse Ideology.

Here’s the perfect option for the stall. It’s working well for these two fellows!

PC: My Horse Forum.

Slow feeders can be used in the barn or outside. This one could be placed in a stall, but it’s also working well in the field.

Get creative and have fun building your horse the perfect hay holder!