Emily miller cowgirl magazine
Photo courtesy of @emrmiller on Instagram……

Have you ever seen the way professional barrel racer, Emily Miller-Beisel, and her horse, Beau, enter the arena? If you haven’t, I’m pretty sure you’ve heard them leave! The team enters as quiet as a mouse and leaves a crowd as loud as a siren! Just listen to the crowds roar…

This was their first run to kick-off the summer! Slow and steady, Beau never fails to whip out a wicked fast run! Get a closer look…

Even rodeo announcers make note of their poise!

“…in the arena no problem. Wait ’till she turns him loose, the rockets will fire!”

Man was he so right! so right! Bidding on Fame aka “Beau” was second in the Purina Horse of the Year presented by AQHA for 2020.

Emily knows how special her horse is! A horse as “bad to the bone” as her mount deserves a petting down the alley!

Beau was also voted Horse with the Most Heart at the Prairie Circuit Finals!

Couldn’t you just watch this team all day? If you’re experiencing issues at the gate with your horse, you might try to follow Miller’s lead and pet your horse down the alley!