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Do you know where your turquoise is from? Unlike many other fine jewels, the shade and pattern of turquoise varies on the region it’s from. No two turquoise mines are alike, making each stone and piece unique. Understanding where specific varieties of turquoise are from allows collectors to hunt for that special piece. With each stone having a unique location, it also creates personal ties to the location of the stone. Where is your favorite piece from?

Turquoise comes in all shades, ranging from robin egg blue to dark emerald green. Most stones are found in Southwest states including Nevada, Arizona, and New Mexico.

Photo Courtesy of Dakota Sky Stone on Instagram
Uniquely beautiful stones and designs from Dakota Sky Stone on Instagram

Since 1971, Dakota Sky Stone (@dakotaskystone on Instagram) has been creating unique pieces from all across the nation. Based in Deadwood, South Dakota the generational company prides itself on creating gorgeous pieces from all over the country for fine jewelry collectors. These pieces reflect the individual beauty of their owners and the stone’s unique roots, making each piece truly special.

Dakota Sky Stone features many unique stones including this distinctive Sierra Nevada stone. For more information on these pieces, visit Dakota Sky Stone.

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