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This spring, Dolly Parton is releasing a new children’s book based on her god dog, Billy the Kid, the Instagram-famous French Bull Dog.

It follows the adventure of Billy the Kid working to make it in Nashville as a country singer. He has some ups and downs along with the way, especially when he bullies at the “Battle of the Bow-wows.”

“He’ll need his favorite songs (‘Jowlene’ and ‘I Will Pawlways Love You,’ of course), a group of scrappy new friends, and his favorite country music star to regain self-confidence and be the star he always knew he could be,” explains the book’s description.

It is a triumphant tale of following your dreams.

The children’s book is co-written by Erica S. Perl, an award-winning children’s author. It is illustrated by MacKenzie Haley, an accomplished illustrator with published work by Harper Collins, Penguin Random House, and more.

“Billy the Kid Makes it Big” will hit stores on April 25th, but is available for preorder before then.

Dolly’s last book, co-authored by James Patterson, was a #1 New York Times Bestseller. It included an audiobook with her voice.

Inspired by the same god dog as above, Dolly Parton also released a dog apparel line. Check it out here!