Evening on the River. All artwork by Don Weller.……

A true artist can speak a million words through one painting, and that’s precisely what Don Weller does.

As a child, Don spent his days drawing horses and cowboys, a hobby that eventually turned itself into a paying job which supported his rodeo habit.

Don made the choice after college to sell his horses and strictly pursue graphic design and illustration. He’s had his work featured in Time Magazine, Sports Illustrated, and Readers Digest to name a few. Oh, and did I mention that he designed a poster for the 1984 Olympic Games?

Nancy Gets the Message.

After many years of living in California, Don and his wife, Cha Cha, decided to move to Park City, Utah. It was there that Don rediscovered his passion for cowboy art with the help of a book project for the NCHA. The project took Don to Arizona, Texas, California, and Montana where he observed and became fascinated with cutting horse athletes.

Fast-forward to the future, and Don owns five cutting horses of his own. The artwork that Don paints today reflects the life that he loves, a life filled with good horses and the freedom that comes with living in the expansive West.

Are you ready to browse through a selection of Don’s captivating art?

A Cold Desert Morning.
All Dressed Up.
Carter and the Black.
Heading Home.
I Remember You.
Pause in the Shade.
The Cattle Pens at Delle.
Tommy at El Cid.

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