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Growing up, all Dona Kay Rule ever wanted to do was ride horses. Her dad was a roper and rode broncs and bulls, so for her it was a natural progression to begin competing. Nearly 50 years later, the WNFR barrel racer has become a household name among rodeo fans along with her amazing horse, Valor.

Someone like Dona Kay that’s been “at it a day or two” knows what matters the most when designing a trailer to haul yourself and your equine partner. She and Hart Trailer recently revealed her stunning new horse trailer with custom living quarters by Outlaw Conversions. It’s obvious that every detail of this trailer was carefully thought out with safety, comfort, and efficiency in mind. 

Being constantly on the road means safety is of the utmost importance. Dona explains that she had three pick-ups give out on her last year. From changing flat tires to having to find a ride, she says, “The calvary’s not coming. You just have to suck it up and want to go and be there otherwise you can’t get there. This is not for the faint of heart. You’ve got to have grit and desire and it has to be engrained in you.”

It’s easy to see why Dona Kay trusts a Hart trailer for her home away from home and to haul her trusty mount, Valor. Being on the road so much and not going home for months at a time, the trailer becomes your home. She praises, “Hart has been in business since 1968 and they have never been known to short cut anything. That’s my whole goal. I don’t short cut stuff; I want it done right. I want my horse safe in there. That’s what I want to put Valor in, a trailer that has that much thought behind it.”

In typical cowgirl fashion, Dona Kay is most concerned with the wellbeing and comfort of her horse – the beautiful living quarters is simply a bonus. 

Her new trailer has plenty of storage, and notes out that she’ll have space for buckets, blankets, and tire changing equipment in the mangers, and ample room for all her tack, boots, and brushes in the tack room. 

The horse accommodations are roomy, have plenty of airflow, and include features like a drop-down ramp, spring loaded gates, and latches that make for easy loading and unloading. 

In the living quarters, Dona Kay opted for a lighter wood tone to keep the space light and bright. It was important to her that the living quarters not feel small and dark. Similar to the horse accommodations, there’s no shortage of functional storage space in this trailer. 

“This trailer is going to work really well for me and I’m going to really enjoy this. The Hart team has been incredible to work with. You need to be able to trust your equipment when you’re trying to do your job. Whether the horse is high dollar or not, you have your horse friend in there. It needs to be road-worthy, and it needs to be comfortable for the animal. It’s a good trailer for my horse, it makes a big difference going down the road.”

Watch the full reveal below: