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You don’t have to look very hard to find a goofy donkey! They’re silly without even trying. Anyone that has owned one knows how much entertainment they provide. From their funny faces to their shenanigans, there’s never a dull moment with one in the barn. Enjoy these hilarious characters!

Silly Donkeys

Those adorable faces! What do you imagine they’re thinking?

She’s just a little too wide in the belly region, but almost made it! Leave it to a donkey to get into trouble.

Lap dog or donkey? This girly from @sugarsweetfarm hasn’t gotten the memo. She loves to be with (or on top of) her humans.

They sure do enjoy eating! This one got caught in an uncomfortable predicament due to his love of food.

Nothing like a good cheese to show off those pearly whites!

Do you have a donkey? If so, then you know how goofy they can be! They definitely get the barn laughing.