There's just something special about them!……

There’s so much to love about donkeys. They have long ears, a unique bray and silly personalities! More and more people are discovering just how amazing these animals are. They can protect your herd, carry supplies on their back, pull a cart, and best of all- make you laugh! Your farm won’t be the same when you add one of these cuties to the group. Need some convincing? Check out these donkeys that are too cute.

This cutie pie appears to be smiling at you!

Awe, those ears are adorable!

Anyone up for a game of capture the flag? Donkeys are known for being very playful and mischievous.

They’re so fluffy! Do you want a gray, brown, ivory or spotted one?

Hey, is he sticking his tongue out at us?!

If you have a donkey, then it’s only a matter of time before they do something silly or cute. Hopefully, you’ll have your phone on you to capture it!

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