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A clutter-free barn is a safe barn! Don’t let your horse’s home fill up with dangerous, outdated and unneeded items. Not only are they taking up space, but some of them can become hazards. Use this checklist to toss out those items that just don’t belong!

1. Expired feed, supplements and medicine: Your horse shouldn’t be consuming anything that is outdated.

2. Moldy hay: Your hay loft and storage space should be free of moldy, dusty and damp hay. Not only shouldn’t your horse eat it, but old hay can become a fire hazard.

3. Dangerous electrical wires: Any electrical cords should be in great condition. Don’t use chewed or worn wires, as they can become a major hazard.

4. Baling twine: You don’t really need stacks of baling twine in the barn. A few strands may be helpful in an emergency, but keep the pile small.

5. Outdated ointments: Old and contaminated wound ointments should be thrown out. Please don’t use expired products on your horse.

6. Broken, worn and unused tack: If it’s collecting dust in your tack room, then it’s time to toss it out, sell it or donate it. Many horse rescues like Days End Farm will take unused tack in good condition. Additionally, you can either repair broken tack or toss it out! There’s no reason to keep it.

7. Dirty saddle pads: Get into a habit of cleaning your saddle pads. This will help prevent fungus!

8. Ripped blankets: Either get the blanket repaired or let it go, but torn blankets are useless when they collect dust in a corner.

9. Flip flops: If you like your toes, then keep your sandals at home! Proper attire should be worn every time you visit the barn.

10. Gossip and drama: Make your barn a friendly, welcoming place!

Your barn is one step closer to being safe and clean! While you’re at it, try some homemade barn cleaners. Your horse’s laundry, stalls and buckets will shine.