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Husband-wife duo Shane Henry and Maggie McClure of The Imaginaries have been very busy the past few years! They recently released their debut album and are now gearing up for the release of A Cowgirl’s Song. Not only did they write and produce the soundtrack, but they are making their debut as film producers! We’ve got a special first look at their cover of the classic Western song “Don’t Fence Me In” and we can’t wait for y’all to hear it!

Before their journey as The Imaginaries, they were pursuing solo careers. Maggie had the song “Good Morning and Good Night” on one of her solo projects. Timothy Armstrong, the writer and director of the film Cowgirls ‘N Angels, reached out, asked to license the song for the open credits of the film, and the rest is history. They have since worked with Tim on almost every movie he’s been involved with, getting more involved each time.

The decision to record the iconic Western song “Don’t Fence Me In” came in November 2020. They had written four songs along with Tim for the film, and he had envisioned the opening credits to be “Don’t Fence Me In.” None of the existing covers seemed just right, however, so the duo decided to make it their own in a way that fit the spirit of the movie.

“This has been a life commitment for us,” they explain. “We have invested so much time, heart, soul, energy, effort, connections, everything. We’ve poured our hearts into this. Anything we’re involved with we always want it to be 100%. We always want to give our best and display excellence as much as we can. We’re very proud of the movie and soundtrack.”

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“We hope the film encourages people, gives them hope, whatever their struggles might be. The movie is really special because it shows at any age, any stage in your life, you can have new opportunities, you can be excited about new opportunities, and you can have a fresh start.”

This Friday, they will be performing at Tower Theatre, celebrating songs from the film, with Darci Lynne. All proceeds will be going to Amberley Snyder’s foundation.

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We’re excited to see the film and look forward to new music throughout the year. Make sure you connect with The Imaginaries, they love hearing from their fans, friends, and our COWGIRL family!