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Every cowgirl I have ever met has a box full of broken tack. The box of “I’ll fix it eventually” or “I could use this part to fix something else.” But in reality, the box stays in the corner, untouched. 

Well, it’s time that box comes in handy! You can use broken tack for your home decor. 

Do you have broken stirrups or one without a matching set? Use them as bookends! 

Did that 3-year-old break a rein? Wrap the rein around a vase for a western look.

Have an old rope full of kinks that’s unusable? Turn it into a wreath for your door by adding flowers and ribbon. 

There are a million uses for your horse’s thrown shoe, such as turning it into a hook for your hats (or wildrags), creating a centerpiece for your wall by adding an old piece of barnwood behind it or hanging it over a doorway for good luck. 

Is there a rip in your saddle blanket? Sew it into a throw pillow! (Be sure to wash it beforehand though). 

You can use a busted snaffle or broken spur strap as door handles for that cabinet of yours. 

There are numerous ways to use your old tack to decorate your home, creating a western look while saving you money and the memories. The possibilities are as endless as your creativity!