Maybe you’re over having chicken with a side of rice and veggies every night or maybe you’re over eating out every night and want to be healthier, whatever the reason may be, it’s always a great idea to incorporate a little salad into your life. And when we say “salad” we don’t mean a few leafs of spinach with some oil-based dressing on the side. We mean lots of colorful veggies, lots of protein-packed nutrition like nuts and meat, and homemade flavorful dressings. Check out these luscious and delicious salads below that make perfect dinners for when you want something a little different and a little healthier!
Super Food Detox Salad
Photo and recipe courtesy of Well Plated By Erin
Let’s say you just came back from a long vacation where you indulged in many of your favorite foods. While they were tasty and worth every bite, you may not be feeling you best upon your return. That’s where this super food detox salad comes in. It’s packed with healthy veggies, some fruit, some nuts and a grain to help your body push out any toxins and keep you full for a very long time. Get the recipe here.