“Ghost Dancer calls up the spiritual and combines it with the modern, Spider Woman weaves her treasures from the unexpected colors of the earth while Kachina Spirit taps into the passions of native craft.” 

A collection filled with dream visions inspired by cultural and ethnic aesthetics of the Kachina Spirit, Spider Woman and Ghost Dancer, Double D Ranch takes us into an earth-rooted yet exotic fantasy world for fall 2013. 

Designer Cheryl McMullen has been blurring the lines between craft and fashion for many years, and while her designs are wearable, they’re also works of art expressing her exquisite craftsmanship of fine detailing and unique embellishments. By combining a traditional and urban edge with the natural world, McMullen successfully managed to create a worldly collection with bold patterns and desert hues.

The entire Desert Visions Fall 2013 Collection lookbook is available online at Double D Ranch’s website.