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As a follow up to their Bakersfield Collection, Double D Ranch released their Summer 2020 collection: Willie’s Picnic.

One Nation Vest, $495.

This is an essential Americana collection with the cool-cowgirl edge you expect from Double D. The collection is couture-casual with a color scheme and mood inspired by good old Willie Nelson. Let’s put it this way: if Willie Nelson ever invites you to a picnic, you now know what to wear.

As typical of Double D collections, Willie’s Picnic features several high-fashion items (like star-studded bells) along with more casual pieces like graphic tees. Many of this collection’s tees are framed around Willie (duh) with sayings including “Willie’s Picnic:

Shotgun Willie Tee, $144. Uncle Sam’s Pant, $176.
Willie’s Picnic Top, $164.

The designers at Double D took the term “picnic”seriously with a bandana/Native American print in red, blue, and black.

Picnic Bandana Dress, $175.
July Bandana Tank, $170.

Apart from the clear red-white-and-blue theme, the collection highlights Native Americans and the western region. Headdresses, Native American peoples, teepees, and detailed beadwork are found throughout the pieces.

Heritage Head Jacket, $870.
Dripping Springs Vest, $398.

Influenced by the Western culture, the words “rodeo” and “U.S.A.” and phrases “Go west” and “Yippee ki-yay” are seen in this print (which Double D is calling “Doodle Dandy”), along with cacti, horses, and bronc riders.

Doodle Dandy Dress, $205.
Doodle Dandy Jacket, $308; Doodle Dandy Jean, $205.
Doodle Dandy Workshirt, $205.

The full collection is available here.

Willie’s Picnic for summer 2020 is pretty much all you need for the Fourth of July… Oh, yeah, and these red, white, and blue boots.