Riding horses brings out the artist in everyone! I fondly remember my first horse doodles as a little girl. They quickly progressed over the years to show horses galloping, jumping, and grazing in fields. When you can’t always be at the barn but you’re constantly daydreaming about horses, it’s easy to draw and let your creativity show. Follow this tutorial and you’ll be sketching horses like a pro!

As you work on improving your drawing skills, you’ll have the most success by studying their body and how they move. That means you should spend as much time at the barn as you can. Better yet, why not draw your horse live? You could also take a few pictures to use as references.

This specific “how to” is for galloping horses. You’ll want to watch your horse’s legs and body as he powers through the field. Notice things like the direction of his ears, tension throughout the body, how the legs are positioned, and the placement of his mane and tail.

Grab you pencil and paper and set to work on improving your skills. This video will easily explain how to draw a horse like an expert.