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Photo courtesy of @dianadawwwn on Instagram.……

A hat is always the perfect accessory for any cowgirl. It seems more and more custom hats are popping up, and we love it! Diana Dawn Hats are the newest to hit our radar. These hand-embroidered hats are produced in Brooklyn, NY, and there are some stunning styles and colors available. Whether it be a ready-to-ship purchase or a custom creation, these hats would look great as part of your collection!

This sun embroidery will definitely brighten up any outfit.

Anything cactus-related is NEVER a bad idea!

Cow skulls and desert landscapes always give us major heart eyes!

More desert life? Absolutely! Switch it up from the classic saguaro to an ocotillo.

This scorpion embroidery is sure to stand out in the crowd!

LOVING this dreamy desert landscape and the unique color of this lid!

The details of this bird are insane!

You can never go wrong with turquoise, right?

This simple desert scene hat is anything but basic! Check out that brim!

“With my hats I try to bring together the sum total of my experience as an artisan. Inspired by printmaking, pattern, and classic design, I bring my love for color theory and my experience as a hat maker and seamstress to each one of my designs. I hand-embroider each hat with a unique graphic resulting from my inspiration or a collaboration between myself and my customer’s vision.” -Diana Dawn