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Most cowgirls practically live at the barn, so why not actually live in a barn?

Barn homes have been gaining a large amount of attention in recent years as more and more people decide that barn house living is the way to go.

The greatest part about these homes, besides the fact that you’re living in a barn, is that they are all so unique from one another; some have fancy amenities such as pools while others have horse property attached or directly built into the home! What more could a cowgirl want?

Take a look at this list of dream homes and get inspired by barn house living!

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How beautiful is this rustic chic barn home? The stone work really adds an extra touch to this dream home.

Photo courtesy of Cubtab Design House Interior.

Hey cowgirls! I bet you didn’t think that living in a barn could get any better, but then this pool came into the picture and completely upped the game.

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This rustic barn is flat out perfect! Can you imagine sitting on that front porch all day long sipping on some sweet tea while soaking up that beautiful view?

Photo courtesy of Stockade Buildings.

Okay horse lovers, this is the barn that you’ve been waiting for! This barn house is literally attached to your horse’s barn!

Photo courtesy of DC Builders.

If you thought it would be hard to top that last house, I saved the best for last! This is hands-down the perfect home for horse owners; the living quarters is actually part of the horse barn. Can you think of anything better than waking up and only having to walk a few steps to see your horses?

If you’re interested in having a barn house made, DC Builders, the group that designed the barn home above, has some of the best designs currently on the market. Check out their website and some of the work they’ve done by clicking here.