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A wooden horse barn. Photo by Timberlyne.……

These’s something unique about wooden horse barns. They have a rustic element! Not only are they timeless, but they can be customized easily. You can plan the design, color scheme, and size of your dream barn. Let these options from Timberlyne get you excited! There are endless possibilities.

Wooden Horse Barns

How gorgeous is this color scheme! The gray wood siding and black trim give it a modern touch.

If you’re looking for something fresh and unique, then this is the perfect choice. It’s not everyday you see a blue barn. The stained wood trim complements it perfectly.

Here’s one that will catch your eye! This one looks like it has a large hay loft above the stalls. Not only is this barn gorgeous, but it’s very practical for horse owners.

There’s nothing more classic and traditional than a red barn. The tan and white barn doors work well with this bold color.

Sometimes, the best look is a natural finish or stain. This small barn has a few stalls and spacious loft. It’s perfect for most hobby farmers!

Which wooden barn exterior is your favorite?

Next up, you need to plan the stalls of your western barn.