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Photos by Calli Hume.……

Drew Haley‘s new single “High in Denver” is a new-school love song that we can’t get enough of! Not only is it towards who Drew sings for, but also for the lifestyle of a touring artist. “I wanna get you high in Denver, lost in the mountains of Montana, tequila drunk on a beach somewhere. Baby pack your bags, we’re gonna go everywhere,” she sings. COWGIRL got an exclusive sneak peek of the new tune, which officially releases tomorrow!

The song gives off a warm and inviting feeling that is supplemented by Drew’s vivid lyrics of love and adventure. Lyrics like, “We’ll chase our wanderlust somewhere greener, somewhere freer, trade our worries for a little sunshine,” make you want to pack your bags and hit the road! With everywhere opening back up, it’s sure to be a carefree summer!

Photo by Barbara Banach.

Drew has more in store this year! She is currently working on a new EP that is set to be released later this summer. “This EP is 100% honest, raw, and created based on some of my personal experiences of being a mom and the highs and lows that go along with this crazy, messy, beautiful, ever-changing thing we call life.” says Drew. She is very excited to share her releases with you, and we are excited to hear what she comes up with!

Listen to “High In Denver” here!

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