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Devon Von Krosigk of the iconic Desperado Depot is dreaming up new ideas for us! She has opened Drifter Dreams Bridal for boho western chic style wedding dresses!

“Okay I cannot keep this to myself any longer! Today felt like the day to tell you all! I’ll be opening a bridal boutique! (Alongside of Desperado Depot, don’t worry!) ?

“When I was in high school, I took a fashion marketing class and had found my ultimate passion, which was fashion. I had an entire sketch book of gowns I had drawn. I then went on to fashion marketing school at The Art Institute of Phoenix. My initial goal was to either be a stylist or design wedding gowns. I only attended college for one year. I decided I liked working in retail more than school. I was NEVER a school person and I grew to accept that.

“I took my best friend wedding dress shopping 3 weeks ago in Denver. As I was in those bridal boutiques, something just felt right. I had not been inspired like that in a long time. My brain was just turning, my heart felt at home and I immediately began to work on this new business venture the very next day! It took me back to the beginning of my fashion career and I JUST HAD TO DO IT! It’s really hard to explain the feeling I had gotten. I’m not the person who tests the water, I’m the person who jumps in head first.

“Very boho/western/chic. My bridal part of the boutique will not be open until fall/early next winter, as my sample gowns take 6 months to make. But starting in 2 weeks I will have prom dresses, cocktail dresses, white dresses for engagement/dinner rehearsals, gala dresses and more! ?

“Please go follow @drifterdreamsbridal to see all of the beautiful, whimsical items I’ll be bringing to Cheyenne. Website coming soon!” -Devon Von Krosigk

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