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If there’s one thing Dua Lipa knows, it’s how to keep her fans occupied. Since releasing her sophomore album “Future Nostalgia” last March, Lipa has barely stopped for breath, with a remix album, a record-breaking live-streamed concert, and more virtual red carpet looks than you can imagine.

The pop star isn’t slowing down anytime soon, and recently released the video for her album’s sixth single, “Love Again,” and it didn’t disappoint. In keeping with her chameleonic approach to fashion, Lipa took a trip to the West this time with an ode to classic cowgirl style, albeit with the signature glitzy twist we’ve come to expect of her work with stylist Lorenzo Posocco. 

Yes, there were Stetsons and leather galore, but Lipa updated the look with a carousel of looks that included a zebra print bra with a black suede waistcoat, a Miu Miu Western jacket cut from black and red leather, and a pair of baggy denim cargo pants perfect for a spot of line-dancing. Not to mention her Phipps cowboy suit lined from head to toe with glittering mini light bulbs!

When it comes to playful, unexpected style moments, it seems Dua Lipa is very much back in the saddle!

(Release courtesy of Vogue).