For quite a few years now, duct tape on a horse’s nose has been circulating the internet as a quick fix to silence an anxious horse. While the idea sounds crazy, there are many videos proving it’s not as absurd as it appears. In one case, the owner of an out of control horse places a stripe of duct tape in between the nostrils and miraculously he stands quietly for the farrier. Does this really work? Take a further look!

PC: Pinterest

What is very clear about this “twitch” is that for some horses it works and others not at all. If you have an anxious horse that has trouble standing for specific occasions, then it might be worth a try! However, be careful…it’s not a band-aid to a much larger issue.

To try it out, you need a piece of duct tape a few inches long. Apply the tape above the nostrils, but make sure it’s directly in-between them. The tail end should dangle in front of the horse’s upper lip.

For the horses that the theory does work on, it’s usually because it distracts them. Sometimes, it can make the situation worse though. The horse might further panic because of the tape. It’s really an individual thing. Watch it in action!