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50 Years of Quality Boots from Durango


50 Years of Quality Boots from Durango (Sponsored)

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50-Years-FBDurango Boots has been crafting authentic western footwear inspired by the adventure and spirit of the Old West for 50 years.

The company traces its roots back to 1966, when the original parent company—Georgia Boot—envisioned a western inspired collection to complement its line of work boots. While Durango flourished as a western boot brand for the next 30 years, it also found a niche audience during the early 1990s with motorcycle enthusiasts and the urban and grunge music scenes. Further growth in the 1990s ensued when country music, line dancing, and western fashion experienced a strong resurgence.

In 2002, Durango renewed its focus on expanding its traditional western and farm & ranch footwear, becoming the reference brand in the western lifestyle market that it remains today.

In 2004 Rocky Brands, Inc. purchased both Durango and Georgia Boot, and today, Durango continues to innovate in the work western market with a constant introduction of new western and fashion oriented styles. Rocky Brands has become a global leader in the footwear and apparel markets. The company’s continued success is due in large part to the hard work of more than 300 creative associates who call the scenic foothills of southeast Ohio home. These associates come together in the small, historic Nelsonville, Ohio community to manage and communicate with the company’s nearly 2,300 employees worldwide.

Durango Boots encourages its customers to “boldly kick up your heels and celebrate freedom.” Visit

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