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Durango Boots Blast From The Past TV Ad


Durango Boots Blast From The Past TV Ad (SPONSORED)

The times have changed but the quality remains the same.

For 50 years, Durango has been making boots for the western market and beyond. Although the times have changed the quality remains intact as this vintage television ad from the 1990s reminds us.

In the following 30 second brand video, the iconic western boot brand clearly is in line with the times!

For 50 years, Durango Boots has been crafting authentic western footwear inspired by the adventure and spirit of the Old West. Since its inception in 1966, Durango has been committed to delivering comfortable, quality footwear for men, women and kids. Whether it’s a traditional western boot, farm and ranch boot, fashion-forward boot or their top selling flag boot, slipping on a pair of Durangos allows you to boldly embrace your inner cowboy. You’re ready to be mischievous, have fun, kick up your heels and celebrate freedom. Durango is not just a boot. It’s an attitude… We call it OUTLAW FUN. Visit

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